Kitty Cam

This is the main kitty room at a HSEC volunteers home. HSEC is all volunteer and we do not have a permanent facility yet. We are actively fundraising to find a permanent home. Not all kitty’s seen here are listed as available for adoption. Feel free to contact us to inquire on their status.

Adoptable Animals

Below is a list of animals that are adoptable from us.  For more information on the animal please contact us, or to fill out an adoption application, click on the animals picture.  The cost for a kitten/cat adoption is $75.  This includes the cost of a spay or neuter plus a rabies vaccination.  All animals are also current on vaccinations and have been treated for fleas/ticks.

Barn/Working cats are no cost to adopt and only require a place to shelter, fresh water, food once a day and vet care as needed.  They are wonderful natural pest control.  For more information please fill out this form.